DJ Reverie


DJ Reverie is Ottawa's leading force in Alternative Electronic music. Specializing in EBM/Futurepop/Synthpop and related sub-genres, his devotion to his craft reverberates throughout the nation's Capital, exposing its residents to sounds unknown, and creates longing for more.

Music composes a large part of DJ Reverie's identity. His roots lie in Metal and Industrial, genres he discovered in his teens. From 2002 to 2004 he would carry this discovered passion into the world of promotion. Reverie Creation Concerts (his own company) brought several talented artists to the city, including State of Shock, Lacuna Coil, Unexpect, and Napalm Death. He also became involved with Ottawa Metal (, a website dedicated to the promotion of Heavy Metal music in the nation?s capital, from 2003 to 2007.

Life in Toronto (2008) would introduce Reverie to the world of Electronic Body Music. Exposure to the clubs there and obtaining an increasingly vast knowledge of the genres would see his advancement into DJing. In February 2009, Reverie started a monthly night entitled &Earsplitting Mondays& (Rok Boutique), focusing on various genres of Metal. After Rok Boutiques' closure, the night traveled to Velvet Underground, finding itself renamed &Earsplitting Wednesdays&. As the months passed, Reverie started to notice something very different about the contents of his sets. Within them, EBM was gradually establishing its presence.

A return home to Ottawa in 2009 found DJ Reverie's sets focusing 100% on EBM. That October, &Positronic Radio&, a bi-weekly podcast, was brought to life. December 2009 his monthly club night, &La Danse Noir& began (Café Dekcuf/Swizzles). Reverie brought Komor Kommando to the city in July 2010 (Sebastian Komor: Icon of Coil/Zombie Girl/Melt). He rounded the year off with a fall start to two weekly events at Café Dekcuf: &Sanctuary Fridays& and &Electroslave&. While Sanctuary was short lived, Electroslave carried on at Avant-Garde bar in January 2011.

In the spring of 2011, DJ Reverie increased his spread of EBM across the city with a new fill-in radio show on CKCU 93.1FM called &Future Pop&. Summer found him added the the arsenal of DJs at Swizzles weekly Gothic night, &Death Disco&. The fourth Saturday of each month (now third), Reverie unleashes EBM, Futurepop and Synthpop for the local scene.

The list of events at which DJ Reverie has performed is greatly impressive, taking place locally, nationally and internationally. His history: DJ Joe Rowe's Blender Bender (2010), Synergy Canada's Euphoria 11, Overdrive's Frostbite NYE (2011), Rabbit Hole Productions' Industrial Overload, Rabbit Hole Productions' Metal Mayhem Madness 5, Ottawa Goth Syndicates' Visions & Voices, Ottawa Goth Syndicates' Yule Ball, Sanctorum (McAllen, Texas), Different Mode (Montreal), Neurodance (Toronto), and the list increases each passing month.

DJ Reverie's devotion, dedication and loyalty to his craft speak volumes. His passion for providing scenes near and far with the best in EBM, FuturePop and Synthpop is infectious. His skill and talent will take you on a journey into the new era of Gothic and Dark Alternative sounds and culture, from which you'll never feel inclined to part. Embrace the sounds of the future. Let DJ Reverie take you there!

Flyer - Death Disco

Flyer - Metal Mayhem Madness 5